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Our Carers love their work. And it shows! We work hard to pair our clients with the perfect professionals for as long as required, providing consistent care. Care that goes  beyond just administering medical assistance. CARE +. Conversation, a shoulder to lean on and lots of heart. Sound familiar? Come join our team.

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Quality care requires quality Carers and we are always looking for qualified professionals to join our Tender Loving Team. You’re compassionate, driven and ready for the sense of purpose, that you can only get from helping those in need. Sound familiar?

Our Hiring Process

At Tender Loving Care we’ve been assembling our team for over 45 years, people with the knowledge and skills to help our clients get the care they deserve. If you’re looking for a new and exciting employment opportunity where you can really make a difference, take a look at our criteria below and see if you have what it takes to be a top quality Carer.

• Record of conduct

• First aid/CPR

• Medical exam with immunization records

• Non disclosure contract (confidentiality agreement)

• References


Once you’ve met our criteria you’re one step closer to client care. Our potential team members undergo a TLC Training Program to ensure care consistency and to maintain the reputation we’ve spent 45 years building up. Our training is our investment in you; a commitment to help elevate your care. And our clients.

Meet the Team

Chris Carew, Owner/President
St. John's

For Chris Carew, nursing is in his blood. The son of Sylvia Carew, the founder of TLC, it's fitting that Chris carries on his mother's legacy; assembling an army of Carers, ready to provide top quality care to clients across our great province. Chris' nursing career has been long and varied, beginning with his graduation from the St. Lawrence College in 1993. He served as a Registered Nurse in the U.S. for six years before returning to St. John's, working at the Health Sciences Centre. And it wasn't long before he joined the family business as TLC's Manager of Human Resources and Business Development, then becoming co-owner in 2001. For Chris, having respect for a client's privacy and dignity was instilled in him from a very early age. He believes that these are the qualities that have led to TLC's continued success.

Norma Pittman, Executive Office Assistant
St. John's

Norma is the Executive Office Assistant and has been a part of the TLC team for 17 years. She loves working hard, especially when surrounded by her professional co-workers and colleagues at TLC. Committed to making a difference, Norma takes pride in the gratitude TLC Carers receive from the families they care for.

Hamerti Melka, Occupational Health & Safety Advisor/Client Services Director
St. John's

Hamerti serves as both our OH&S Advisor and Client Services Director. She believes in treating people with dignity and respect; principals that TLC was founded on. With that in mind, she's constantly motivated to provide the best care possible in all the unique regions of our province. Her passion is matched by her training.

Renee Ennis, RN, Nursing Supervisor
St. John's

Renee is an Agency Nurse with TLC, bringing over a decade of experience. She believes in providing top quality nursing care, instruction and support to patients and families in their own environments. Renee holds a Bachelor of Nursing from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Carolyn Withers, LPN, Nursing Supervisor
St. John's

Carolyn Withers is one of our very talented Licensed Practical Nurses, specializing in Advanced Foot care. She's new to the TLC family and is excited to carry on the company’s 45 year tradition of providing professional, top quality care. Carolyn is a graduate of MUN’s Centre for Nursing Studies.

Ruth Hull, BN, RN, CCHN(C), Nursing Supervisor
Corner Brook

New to the TLC family, Ruth comes to us with over 30 years’ experience working in community health in both rural and urban NL. Ruth holds a Bachelor of Nursing from Memorial University and is certified in Community Health Nursing with the Canadian Nursing Association.

Lorna Carter, RN, Regional Supervisor
Stephenville/Bay St. George Area

Lorna is a Registered Nurse and Regional Supervisor who loves working with her clients and team of Carers. As a member of TLC for over 20 years, Lorna understands that personal touch and genuine respect for a client’s needs are key to creating the positive environment crucial to care, recovery and wellbeing. Lorna holds a Bachelor of Nursing from Western Memorial School of Nursing in Corner Brook.

Kerilyn Parsons, Regional Supervisor
Port aux Basques

Kerilyn loves that her work allows her to interact with so many different people: co-workers, clients and families. She's motivated by an intense desire to provide her community with the highest quality of care and support, one client at a time.

Rosalind Michael, Regional Supervisor
Corner Brook

Rosalind has been a Regional Supervisor at TLC, Corner Brook and Area since 2006. She's motivated by the peace of mind that her team provides a family; both the clients themselves and their loved ones. She knows that TLC helps clients recover and maintain their quality of life in the comfort of their own home. And with 25 years of supervisory experience at Western Health, Rosalind’s expertise in home care and community health is remarkable.

Murray Hayes, Assistant Regional Supervisor
Corner Brook

Murray Hayes is our Regional Assistant Supervisor, Corner Brook and Area and, like all of the TLC team, believes home care is more than just a career; it's a calling. And the reward Murray feels from helping people maintain their integrity and their independence in his tight-knit community, keeps him dedicated and passionate about his work. So much so, that it hardly feels like work. Murray's been with TLC since 2005, before which time he was a job coach, assisting individuals entering the workforce.

Charmaine Piccott, Regional Office Assistant
Stephenville/Bay St. George Area

Charmaine knows that team support and assessing client needs is key to matching a Carer with a client. Educated and trained in Human Resources Recruitment, Charmaine can recognize the unique and specialized qualities that make a good TLC Carer. And the most important attribute, according to Charmaine, is ‘showing up’ and doing your best each and every day.

Carla Bellows, Nursing Co-ordinator & Regional Supervisor
Rocky Harbour/Great Northern Peninsula

Carla is a Nursing Coordinator and a Regional Supervisor who knows that caregiving is an intimate relationship that requires individualized interaction with each and every client. Motivated by the needs of every family’s situation, Carla takes the responsibility of matching a Carer to a client very seriously. Carla is a graduate of the LPN Program from the IW Ackerly Campus, Nova Scotia Community College.

Patricia Cullihall, Office Administrative Assistant
Rocky Harbour/Great Northern Peninsula

Patricia is the Office Administrative Assistant for TLC on the Great Northern Peninsula, providing communication and administrative services to clients and the TLC team. Motivation for her work runs deep, she takes the time to know everyone she comes into contact with. Patricia is dedicated to providing the best service possible to her clients and her team. Patricia values the pride that the entire team at TLC hold dear, in caring for clients all over the province. She comes to TLC with over two decades of healthcare experience.

Desirée Strickland, Administrative Assistant
Port aux Basques Region

During her 8 years as a home support worker with TLC, Desirée has developed a passion for helping others, and a deep understanding and care for client need. This is the force that continues to motivate her to provide the best quality care possible for our clients and their families.

Tricia Mansfield, Administrative Assistant
Stephenville Regional Office

Administration and working in various capacities in administration and small business, she is proud to have rejoined the TLC team to provide administrative support. Tricia has a passion for her work and takes a great deal of pride in knowing that the work she does matters, and that she is making a difference in the lives of clients and their families.

Rowena Hicks, Regional Supervisor
Bay St. George Region

Rowena joined TLC Nursing and Home Care over 28 tears ago and bring experience and leadership to the role. Rowena is a Graduate from Western Memorial Nursing School with her RNA Certificate. Rowena has dedicated her career to working with Community Care clients through both Western Health and TLC Nursing and Home Care. Rowena prides herself on providing high quality-care to clients in Rural NL.

Tanya Ward, Administrative Assistant
Great Northern Peninsula Region

Tanya Ward has been employed with TLC for 2 years and completed a 2-year diploma course in the field of Information Technology.  Being part of the TLC is rewarding for Tanya in knowing that we are here to help ensure our clients get the best care possible.  Tanya deeply appreciates the trust and confidence that our staff and clients have in TLC. Tanya believes teamwork equals success and considers it a privilege to work alongside some pretty awesome people!  When not at work, Tanya enjoys spending time with her family and her fur babies – who she holds very dear to her heart.

Alicia Penney, Office Manager
Stephenville Region

Alicia started with TLC in 2018 as an office administrator in our Port aux Basques office. She is currently the office manager for our Stephenville/Bay St. George Office. Alicia is dedicated to her work and her background in business administration gives her the insight to operate the office smoothly to ensure our clients receive the best care available. She enjoys making connections with our clients in order to provide them with high quality care they deserve. Alicia is very proud to be a part of such a great team within TLC that helps deliver the upmost care to all our clients across the province.

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