Gift of Care +

No one likes to see a loved one in need. Whether it’s your child, your aging parents or even a close friend. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you just can’t be there to lend a helping hand. That’s where we come in, with care packages designed to meet nearly every need imaginable; household management, healing at home post-surgery, even help getting to your doctor appointments. At TLC, care is yours to give.

Care + Home To Nest.

Bringing home a bundle of joy is one of the most wonderful experiences in a woman’s life. It can also be the most challenging. Give her the gift of care. So she can direct her energies where they’re needed the most.

Care + One.

When you can’t be there to help, a loved one on their own can weigh heavy on your mind. Give yourself the peace of mind, knowing that their medications are being monitored or they’re being helped to their doctors appointments. At TLC, we’ll meet those needs; whether they’re a couple hours a week or 24/7.

Care + Home to Mend.

Any hospital procedure involves a certain amount of healing. Don’t let a loved one go it alone. Gift them the care they need to make a quick, and full, recovery.

Care + Good Company.

A house doesn’t keep itself. And when we’re recovering from an injury or reach a certain age, the seemingly simplest tasks can become overwhelming. At TLC, you can provide a loved one with a carer that’s more than just help; they’re good company.

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